About us

At the core of First Alarm LLC’s success is Mr. Ron Pagliarulo, a Boston native whose journey from local high school graduate to Boston University alum laid the groundwork for his visionary leadership. In 1985, armed with ambition and a clear vision, Ron founded First Alarm LLC. His relentless drive transformed a budding startup into a leading name in the security system industry.
Under Ron’s leadership, First Alarm LLC has evolved from its modest beginnings into a reputable name in the security industry, proudly serving a broad spectrum of clients across Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire. Ron’s dedication to excellence and his commitment to providing top-notch security solutions have been instrumental in the company’s success, making First Alarm LLC your trusted partner in safety and security.
Today, First Alarm LLC stands as a beacon of trust and excellence in safety and security, largely thanks to Ron’s leadership. It’s not just a company; it’s a testament to what visionary ambition, coupled with steadfast dedication, can achieve. First Alarm LLC is more than your service provider—it’s your partner in ensuring peace of mind and safety for all.
First Alarm Team

Mr. Ron Pagliarulo



To be the premier provider of innovative and reliable security solutions, safeguarding communities and empowering clients with peace of mind through cutting-edge technology and unwavering commitment


We lead in Security Systems, ensuring secure environments for Residential and Commercial Clients. Teaming up with New Home Builders and Remodelers, we bolster safety measures for community well-being in Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire


Our values collectively define our identity, shaping the way we operate and reinforcing our commitment to delivering exceptional security services with a positive impact on our clients, partners, and the communities we serve

Why Choose US

Why choose us

Our partnership has unified previously scattered security technologies into a smooth, integrated network. This doesn’t only improve our security but also leads to enhanced performance.
Additional Benefits:
  • Unified Security Platform: Streamline your security management with our integrated system for easier control and monitoring.
  • Enhanced Performance: Our cohesive ecosystem allows for more efficient operations and improved security outcomes.
  • Advanced Technology Integration: We seamlessly blend cutting-edge security technologies for comprehensive protection.
  • Customized Solutions: Tailored security setups that meet your specific needs, ensuring optimal coverage and performance.
  • Reliable Support: Dependable customer service with expert guidance to maintain the effectiveness of your security system.”

24/7 Monitoring

We're Always on Guard

Our dedicated monitoring centers operate around the clock, providing constant surveillance to promptly respond to any alarm, offering you and your loved ones continuous protection.